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Your Mobile & Marine Welding Service

Class A Jouneryman Welder 35 Years' Experience Certified Red Seal Welder,
B Pressure Welding

Mobile Welding & Diving in Sechelt, British Columbia

Mobile Welding

Mobile service is performed at your site with the utmost attention to detail and perfectionism. Our team can provide custom fabricating and equipment repairs. Certified B- Pressure welding, PWP-7, PWP-10 stainless. Processes-SMAW, FCAW, TIG, MIG. 

Marine Services

Boat & dock repair, custom built ramps & floats. We also offer commercial diving services that include cutting, welding, salvage, repairs for marine vessels and structures.

Meet the Owner

Company owner Richard Knutson has been welding and diving for more than 35 years. His skills are sought by major industrial entities throughout the world that trust his knowledge and experience for even the most challenging projects.

About Us

Metaltech Welding & Diving Services in Sechelt, British Columbia, provides mobile welding and diving on the Sunshine Coast of BC & the surrounding area. Our company serves the forestry, structural, mining, logging, fishing, and marine industries, specializing in the construction of aluminium docs & ramps - please call for or email for a quote.
Owner Richard Knutson provides the highest quality service with meticulous perfectionism. Backed by more than 35 years of welding and diving experience, he has been serving customers for more than 15 years.


(604) 885-2283
(604) 740-1394

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